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Kingston Needs a Living Wage Policy

To see the entire poster with all the information, please click here.  Living Wage Launch Poster2


People have been working hard at trying to establish what wage would allow Kingston workers to have a decent life in our city.
The Kingston Community Roundtable on Poverty Reduction is pleased to announce that economists  Don Drummond and Jim Stanford will be the keynote speakers at the launch of their Living Wage for Kingston Report  Wednesday 26th  October, 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Rideau Heights Community Church (183 Weller Ave.).Please RSVP to or (613)546-2843
The Economics of Poverty
Why is it so hard to reduce poverty and what happens when we fail to tackle it?  The truth is, poverty costs all of us socially and economically.  We have failed to tackle poverty with targeted long-term investments over the life course of individuals.  The result is that the cost of not reducing poverty is higher than the cost of the investments necessary to improve the lives of low-income families.
How we choose to fight poverty is just as important as the question of how much to spend.  If poverty were attacked the right ways, the savings from reducing it could be substantial and the improvements in the quality of life for all citizens, significant.