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           April 28, 2011    (TORONTO)
Inspired by the recent surge of support for the NDP and the potential for a reshaping of Canadian politics, OFL President Sid Ryan called upon every one of the over one million unionized workers in Ontario to rally support behind Jack Layton and the NDP.

Every union leader in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, labour councils, shop stewards and union and community activists are being urged to get involved in these last days of the campaign.
“We represent thousands of trade union activists in every community who will work tirelessly for the next five days pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, staffing phones and convincing their neighbours to put their confidence in Jack Layton’s vision for a progressive Canada,” said Ryan.

“If you believe that public pensions and the ability of seniors to live with dignity is more important than fighter jets, then this is your moment.

“If you believe that the future and expansion of health care is more important than super jails, then volunteer with your local NDP candidate.

“If you want an economy that serves us all – workers, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, students and communities – then vote for the NDP,” said Ryan.

Over the past year, the OFL has been instrumental in mobilizing thousands of its members in Toronto, Hamilton and Sudbury and across the province on key issues and is redoubling its efforts.

“Here’s your opportunity to shape history. Don’t sit on the sidelines.  These next days and Election Day is our chance to put the NDP, its leader Jack Layton and provincial candidates over the top,” said Ryan.