What kinds of things does an arrogant, corporate government do?

Harper has been SO bad SO often that it’s possible to forget some of the terrible things done by him and his right wing reform party. So, to remind you, Frances Ricks, Ph.D (BC) has compiled a list and Peter Boyle has adapted it for our reading enjoyment.
Mr. Harper….

  1. Breached his own fixed election laws
  2. Taxed income trusts despite a pre-election promise not to tax them
  3. Didn’t answer the allegations he bribed Chuck Cadman to vote with the harper party
  4. Produced a guide to disrupting parliamentary committees
  5. Several of his ministers have misled parliament (Clements, MacKay and Oda)
  6. Prorogued parliament twice to avoid defeat in the House
  7. Found in contempt of parliament 3 times
  8. Muzzled his ministers and MPs
  9. Sacked or forced resignation of public servants who tried to do their jobs rather than kowtowing to him (e.g. Linda Keen for insisting on safety standards at Chalk River, Munir Sheikh of Stats Can, many others)
  10. Cancelled the long form census which provides vital data to businesses and others, spending more of our money to do so
  11. Leads the most secretive government in Canadian history
  12. After inheriting a surplus, created the largest deficit in our country`s history
  13. Continues to claim credit for “strong economy” whose strength  actually comes from Liberal surplus and Liberal refusal to gut banking regulations (Harper supported deregulation)
  14. Insisted there was no economic crisis, took action only under intense pressure from opposition, media
  15. Spent $1.2 billion on G-8, including fake lake while his police brutally assaulted peaceful demonstrators and observers, including women and an aging civil servant
  16. Wants to spend $10 billion on prisons for unreported criminals, although crime rate continues its long decline
  17. Wants to spend $18 – 30 billion on planes that have yet to be built, and no case made for why we need them
  18. Spent $100 million advertising what a wonderful a leader he is, and thereby  bought much support from the media
  19. Has ignored climate change and earned Canada more environmental “fossil” awards than any prior Prime Minister
  20. Has tarnished Canada’s international reputation to the extent that we were denied a seat on the UN Security Council
  21. Persistently concealed information about the abuse of Afghan detainees
  22. By losing the rights to use Camp Mirage, endangered our troops and and cost $300 million
  23. Bribed two provinces to bring in the Harper Sales Tax against the wishes of the people
  24. Gave a standing ovation to a minister who misled parliament and forged a document
  25. Appointed two senators who had 67 forged invoices, falsely claiming tax rebates for election expenses.
  26. His staff is being investigated by police about 3 separate incidents
  27. Is a control freak who has constantly demonstrated his contempt for parliament and the 2/3 of Canadians who have voted against him. If he were to get a majority he would act to gut health care, the CBC and other quintessential Canadian institutions – as he already has the census.Don’t vote for Harper!

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