Media Release from USW 1005, Hamilton

Today, USW Local 1005 was informed by Service Canada that our E.I. claims would be allowed. Our situation is very complex and Service Canada has done an extensive legislative review along with Fact Finding. We would like to thank Service Canada and everyone involved with making the decision that is certainly helpful financially to our members.
However, this certainly does not take away from the fact that our members would much rather be working producing Steel.
This Lock Out by U.S .Steel is quite simply another devious attempt by the Company to weasel out of the commitments it made when it seized Stelco in November 2007. Prior to the lockout U.S .Steel halted production in Hamilton in October 2010 for the second time in two years. It shifted its production for Canadian customers to the U.S. Then it locked us out. This lockout is an unacceptable attempt to get us to agree to change the terms of the pension agreement it signed with the governmentof Ontario as part of the terms of sale of Stelco to U.S. Steel. The well-being of 9000pensioners, 900 workers, their families, the Hamilton Community and the country’sdemand for steel are all affected.
USW 1005 appreciates the overwhelming support it has received from everyone inthe community and across the country.
We invite everyone to attend our Hamilton Day of Action “The People vs. U.S. Steel”on January 29th.


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