Oppose Contracting-Out at Canada Post

Canada Post Corporation is moving to contract-out the work of their contact centres, as well as the National Philatelic Centre. Such a move would result in the loss of over 300 jobs in Fredericton, Antigonish, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Edmonton. The economic impacts would have lasting effects in these communities, as there are no guarantees that this work would remain in Canada.

PSAC and UPCE are working together to oppose this privatization, but this loss of quality public services concerns us alL. Selling off the contact centres and National Philatelic Centre moves Canada Post further towards full-scale privatization and foreign ownership – something we vehemently oppose.

The campaign to stop this contacting-out involves all of us standing together and taking action. This includes signing the PSAC/UPCE petition, which can be found on the PSAC website at http://petition.web.net/psac/node/39

I encourage all of you to circulate this petition to all of your Locals, in order that we collect as many signatures as possible. PSAC Regional Offices also have hard copies of the petition and are assisting with making this campaign a success.

Please promote this petition and campaign with your membership. Working together, we can help ensure Canada Post jobs remain in our communities.


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